Are you looking for a loan docs signing agent? Do you need a mobile notary? Maybe you need your website refreshed, or turned into a mobile-responsive site? Or don’t have a website, and need one? Perhaps you want someone to handle your monthly newsletter or send out weekly emails to your contact list? Well, you’ve found the right place!

I’m Kerri of Kerri Marvel services, and I am a California-commissioned notary public. I specialize in loan document signings, but can assist in any type of notarization, and I’m mobile! I provide services mainly in Contra Costa County, but also handle Alameda, San Joaquin and Solano Counties. I am experienced, dependable, and with my long history of providing excellent customer service, you can be assured of professional, reliable service.

responsive viewsI create and modify (and maintain) websites built on the WordPress platform. When I create sites, they will be mobile-responsive; meaning your site will automatically resize itself to fit the screen the viewer is using (smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop). Does your site need to be refreshed, or become more user-friendly? Would you like to make your own small text or image changes (or even medium or heavy changes) to your site? Talk to me about swapping out your theme for something modern, more colorful, more updated! WordPress is very easy to make your own changes. I’ll set up your own user name and password, and give you some basic instruction to get you started. I can give you many resources to take it farther, if you so desire. If you just want someone else to “handle it for you”, just email me your changes (as often as needed) – I’ll do it and simply charge you for the time it took me, at my hourly charge.

My other business segment is providing services as a Virtual Assistant. These services are where monthly newsletters, periodical emails, copy-editing, social media maintenance, and other marketing services come into play.

Feel free to explore this website, and if you have questions, please call me or use the form on the contact page.

Thank you!